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Etf Preview: Etfs, Futures Higher On Possible Greece Debt Deal - Nasdaq.com

ETF Preview: Broad Market ETFs Decline Amid Global Economy Jitters; Oil and Russia Funds Underperform - NASDAQ.com

ALLT reported non-GAAP Q4 net income of $3.38 million, vs. $3.15 million in the year-earlier period. The company did not provide specific guidance, but said that in 2015 it expected the current trends of operator monetization and demand for security services to continue to serve as key catalysts for company growth. Industrial Sector Index Fund (IYJ) were flat.
Source: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/etf-preview-etfs-futures-higher-on-possible-greece-debt-deal-cm442317

ETF Investors Start Sniffing For Value In High Yield - NASDAQ.com

Fundamental tests for GDXJ loom as well. Over the next five weeks, 23% of the Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners Indexs weight, GDXJs underlying index, delivers earnings reports. [Earnings Tests for Gold Miners ETFs] Year-to-date, investors have added nearly $226 million to GDXJ. Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF View photo .
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/technical-junior-miners-etf-123006466.html

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Source: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/etf-preview-broad-market-etfs-decline-amid-global-economy-jitters-oil-and-russia-funds-underperform-cm442880

Hougan, Lydon Talk ETF Growth, Robo Advisors - Yahoo Finance

Think about the service theyre offering, Hougan said of robo advisors. You get a well-diversified portfolio customized to your risk tolerance managed by Burton Malkiel at Wealthfront thats tax-loss harvested, rebalanced and they charge you 25 basis points. If thats the value of asset allocation, you (advisors) have to build other services around your business to maintain that 1% margin. In 2014, Charles Schwab announced Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, a digital advice platform that the company plans on making available to its retail investors starting this year. Hougan and Lydon also discussed the advantages of currency hedged ETFs and how advisors can prepare for the possibility of an interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/hougan-lydon-talk-etf-growth-140032920.html

Technical Take on the Junior Miners ETF - Yahoo Finance

If your investment http://www.etftradingsignals.com thesis calls for the end of the bull market, then high yield bonds are certainly not an area you want to journey into. However, if you are confident in the relative steadiness of stocks versus other alternatives, then having a reasonable allocation to this sector may provide an attractive dynamic in a diversified income portfolio . This is especially true if you find yourself overweight quality or interest rate sensitive fixed-income sectors. The ETF that I favor in this arena is the PIMCO 0-5 Year High Yield Bond ETF ( HYS ). This fund has an average duration of just 1.89 years, a 30-day SEC yield of 4.69%, and over $2.8 billion in total assets.
Source: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/etf-investors-start-sniffing-for-value-in-high-yield-cm442879

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